What we do - Australia

Corner Store Preservery Australia works to reduce food waste and build engaged local communities through the establishment of ‘preservation hubs’ which are open, inclusive and accessible to entire communities where they are located. Built into repurposed shipping containers and outfitted with food preservation equipment, the hubs are designed to be sustainable, self-sufficient, and community-led to provide a stable source of food.

Corner Store Preservery Australia runs community preserving sessions, where volunteers attend and preserve produce that has been donated and harvested from around the local area, saving it from ending up as rotting on the ground or as landfill.

Corner Store Preservery Australia hubs are where farmers, producers and preservers come together to ensure a supply of local food and reduced waste. The aim is to place these container hubs in local communities around Australia.

How it works;

  • Corner Store preserving hubs are established in communities after extensive community consultation,
  • Corner Store preserving hubs collects donations of fresh produce grown in and around the local area, saving it from ending up as waste or landfill,
  • the ‘rescued' produce is preserved during community driven preserving days, extending the shelf life of the fresh produce,
  • preserves are then distributed - a portion sold to keep the program financially sustainable - a portion returned to the grower - and a portion donated to local food relief agencies.

The commercial food industry is energy, water and nutrient hungry and extremely wasteful. We are providing a locally based solution to this global problem of food waste, and food miles and turning potential local food waste into nutritious produce and making it available to communities. This is assisting communities to move towards sustainability by becoming more self-sufficient, and giving people the empowerment and hope that they are making a difference to a global challenge.